SaaS Founders, How to Navigate the Downturn With Accurate Revenue Data?

VC Money Wells Are Drying Up

What Does This Mean for Start-ups?

Some of these (late-stage) companies will not be able to raise their next round at all. What is clear is that their next round, if they can raise one, will be shorn of any froth and may even be a flat or a down round. If you are a seed stage company, the right thing to focus on is getting to the product market fit and building a repeatable sales model — as soon as possible.

Venktesh Shukla, Founder at Monta Vista Capital

Are Job Cuts the Only Way to Extend Runway?

According to David Sacks, the rule of thumb for burn multiple is as cited above.

Do More With Less With The Right Data

5 Data Areas to Urgently Prioritize on This Downturn

1. Monitor and measure your data quality

2. Unify your existing GTM data to capture all key selling moments

3. Improve the ROI of your existing GTM tools

4. Take data-driven decisions to increase win rates

5. Drive rep productivity with the right tools

Close Revenue Faster With Better Data



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