Building a SaaS Go To Market team for predictable revenue growth!

Demand Generation

Sales Development

Customer Success

Other GTM Teams

  • When hiring, key traits to keep in mind include drive, grit, confidence, integrity, coachability, adaptability, problem-solving ability, and passion.
  • Define and document your hiring process for sales teams early on as you launch your product and stick to it.
  • Hire the Same type of successful person for traits that you see in most successful sales reps in your organization.
  • Train each person the same way, have a standard sales enablement process.
  • Post onboarding, ensure that every sales rep is provided with the same quality and quantity of leads.
  • Ensure that salespeople work with the leads using a standardized sales process or playbook.
  • Competitor talent — The most common way to hire good GTM talent is from the competition as they know your market, buyer, and product or service. Hire for the attitude and cultural fit, though and not for Rolodex. Big logos might not fit into your culture or stage, so always look for contextuality when hiring from competition or big logos.
  • Generalist salespeople — The generalist sales rep has sales experience but is not in your market or industry. For example, a rep who has worked in professional services sales for 7–8 years. In this candidate pool, you’re looking to hire reps who have excellent “sales acumen” that, with a little enablement, can be applied to your product or market. They will typically know how to sell no matter who the buyer is or what the product is.
  • Freshers — There is always a large pool of college graduates available to hire, although hiring inexperienced reps comes with risks. If you have a great sales enablement team and process in place, this risk gets mitigated. An ideal growth path for these candidates starts with being sales development reps (SDRs) and then growing into AE’s over 2–3 years.
  • Domain experts- You can also consider hiring salespeople from the industry that you sell to. It’s beneficial in situations where deep industry and product knowledge are required. The buyer community would have a large pool of attractive candidates to choose from. While these people might know a great deal about the product, buyer and market, but might lack generic sales acumen and need a great deal of coaching and enablement.

Metrics to track

  • Calls — connect — conversations — qualified leads.
  • Attempts (social/Email) — connects — conversations — qualified leads
  • Email open rates and response rates
  • Lead source effectiveness to determine which lead sources are working or not.
  • Qualified leads to sales accepted leads
  • Percentage of pipeline sourced by role
  • Closed business from qualified leads
  • Number of qualified leads per month


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Been part of an amazing growth journey in building & leading a multi-Million, multi-region $SaaS business. On course to relive that journey at

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Abhijeet Vijayvergiya

Abhijeet Vijayvergiya


Been part of an amazing growth journey in building & leading a multi-Million, multi-region $SaaS business. On course to relive that journey at